Xman Wu
Xman graduated from  Xman graduated from Nanjing Institute of Biochemistry, majoring in kinematics of human body.
Started practicing Free Fight in 2001 and became a coach at the gym for the first time in 2008
He went to Shanghai Rui Xing Sports College and became an assistant of professor Liu Zhe's, meanwhile he’s also a coach at Megafit.
He finished training in Hunan chain fitness club and in charge of the coaching department
He served as training manager at Yuhang District, Hangzhou
Served as coach trainer in 365 Sports Institute at Suzhou training base
Senior private coach
EPTC certification of AEHMC functional rehabilitative trainer
The third place for 75 kg class of bodybuilding tournament, Hunan, Yiyang
The third place for wujia boxing integrated combat MMA