At The Village, join a community of life learners. Our spaces are designed to encourage everything from relationship strengthening and creative expression, to communing with the natural world ad enjoying a visit with new friends before taking an evening's rest. Flexible spaces tailor to every group size.

Town hall

With 588 square meters expansive, pillar-free spae and 4.8 meter high ceilings, the Town Hall contains 270 degree LED screens, state-of-the-art sound and lighting, and is ready for custom events such as:

  • Conferences & Summits
  • Press conferences
  • Product launches
  • Fashion and art shows
  • Company annual meetings & gala dinners
  • Healing & Wellness practices
An adjacent cafe offers space for a convenient refreshment, rest and moment for more private socializing during your event.


Connection Rooms

With space for groups ranging from 10 to 60 people, Connection Rooms range in size from 28 to 58 square meters and come fully equipped with audio, video and projection systems. Connection Rooms are best suited for:

  • Board meetings
  • Interactive workshops
  • Break-out sessions


The auditorium

For meetings in a more academic setting, this lecture theatre, our Auditorium, provides 396 square meters of space, seats for up to 140 people, and audio, video and projection systems. The Auditorium is ideal for events such as:

  • Company learning programs
  • Lectures
  • Dialogue sessions


the sanctuary

This beautifully crafted meditative space gives the perfect sense of peace and calm along the banks of Yangcheng Lake. With soaring 13.8 meter-high ceilings, naturally lighting and warm, natural woods, this creative space with room for up to 100 people is designated for unique and special events such as:

  • Cocktail parties
  • Performances
  • Wedding ceremonies


family learning center

This 600 square meter complex is built for family bonding. We provide entertainment and lerning programs to enhance parent-child interaction.  Sangha's Play Throuh Learning initiative tailors programs to developmental age, integrating arts and sport to encourage the growth of both independent and team-building skills. Our spaces include:

  • Early development art studio
  • Storytelling zones
  • Computer area
  • Break-out space
  • 2 daycare rooms
  • Outdoor playground


Please call us at +86-512-6788-1888 for details