In our creative spaces, everyone is an artist. Our programs not only incorporate many creative art forms, but also guide you to learn, connect, heal and grow through the power of creative expression.


Exercise your dramatic talents or bring a group to practice team-building through theatre. Drama not only offers an avenue for creative expression, but also can provide a path to clarity of self, others and the world around us through the empathetic experience of stepping into character. Our practitioners and coaches are on-hand to encourage and facilitate learning and bonding through the theatre arts.



As a combination of both creative expression and physical release, dance is unique in its ability to relieve stress, uplift our senses and connect body, mind and spirit. Feel connection to others through team practice, or find a deeper connection to yourself through individual practice. Our Dance Studio provides an ideal environment to rejuvenate and restore through tailored dane programs led by our professional practitioners.


Art & Music studios

Tucked away in the quitude of our Artist Loft, discover art and music performance and learning in a series of studios designated to spark inspiration in the creative process. As the power of dance can heal, so can art and music guide us, untrained and expert alike, to connect with the world around us and find clarity in body, mind and spirit.


the gallery

This bright and airy space for private art shows gives visitors a space to explore professional exhibits, meditate on their meaning, and take inspiration from their creation. Just as Sangha is a showcase creative works from both local and international artists, illuminating the beauty that lies everywhere, waiting to be discovered if we take a mindful moment to look.


Please call us at +86-512-6788-1888 for details