Partake in the gifts of nature with activities for all life stages. In a setting that showcases the beauty of Yangcheng Lake, learn to live and think better, connect with one another, de-stress and foster a positive psychology.

The Plaza

At the heart of the Village, this open air space can be tailored for any learning or social event, daytime or evening. During warmer months, the Plaza opens up to a variety of public events, including:

  • A farmer's market
  • Arts and music festivals
  • Fitness and wellness learning forums
  • Carnivals and parties


Community farm

"Farm to table" is central to our concept and core values. This Community Farm is not only a way to supply our culinary classroom and Thought for Food restaurant, it's also a tangible demonstration of our values. Parents and children can also take advantage of this space to learn more about gardening ad strengthen their communion with the earth.


Take in lakeside views and fresh air with a wander along the Board Walk. Find respite in quiet conversations with a loved one, meditate on your own thoughts, or share a walk with a favorite pet. As we journey through life, these small but essential moments of serenity guide us to a better undertanding of all that connects us to ourselves, others and the world around us.


Please call us at +86-512-6788-1888 for details