Thoughtful spaces for mindful living

Our Design Philosophy is expressed through our relationship with living,
the environment and our community, from a lens of a 21st century living
concept fusing Eastern wisdom with Western science.


We reflect, respect and integrate into our environment. We harness what nature gives us, from sunlight to natural cooling and heating. We don’t use newly quarried stone. We reduce non-essential packaging. We empower our community of builders and farmers with sustainable practices. We are environmentally mindful.


Strip away the non-essential, bring to the forefront that which creates true value in life. Design inside out, create spaces that soothe, calm and uplift. That, to us, is purposeful living.


The quality of our relationships, defines the quality of our lives. That’s why we build spaces for communal learning activities, for all generations.

Design Philosophy

Meet the great minds behind Sangha Homes

Calvin Tsao

I don’t believe that every magnificent building is resplendent and grand. Regardless of whether the project is big or small, the important thing is that we understand the DNA of the building, that we understand the kind of living environment we are ultimately trying to create.

Yung Ho Chang

Dwellings around the world have gardens, but the Chinese courtyard is truly an outdoor space for a life embedded in nature. Unlike the pursuit of “big” buildings, what I’m chasing is not just the design of a structure - it’s a consideration of the greater environment, and how the people within can cultivate the life they want. The building is there, but the lives are at the forefront.

Neri & Hu

Nostalgia is a complex psychology. The significance of a building is actually not the physical - it’s the pieces you can’t trace back to clear roots. For example, the old that endures in Shanghai’s culture is the harmony between people, their virtues, the true, the good and the beautiful. This perspective of the past guides our design principles.


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