In the 21st century, we are simultaneously blessed and challenged by sustainability, the rapid pace of change, development in science and technology, globalization, which require a quantum evolution of humanity. Our way of life needs to evolve to meet these challenges from the changing environment. We need to grow beyond the need of material comforts, and to integrate our body, mind, spirit to find harmony in relationship.


The Octave Mission is to develop this 21st century worldview and its cultural expression.
To deliver this mission, we created 3 divisions:

  • Octave Living
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  • Octave Properties
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Octave Properties

Octave properties create thoughtful spaces to support your journey to mindful living. Strip away the non-essential. Bring to the forefront that which creates true value in life. Design inside out, create spaces that soothe, calm and uplift. That, to us, is purposeful living. We reflect, respect and integrate into our environment. We harness what nature gifts us, from sunlight to natural cooling and heating. We don’t use newly quarried stone. We reduce non-essential packaging. We empower our community of builders and farmers with sustainable practices. We are environmentally mindful.

Urban Model

A holistic urban wellness center, a sanctuary for city dwellers, to conveniently support your daily needs. The first – The Living Room, at Shanghai former French concession.

Ex-Urban Retreat

A space for mindful learning, a fully immersive wellness retreat, to enhance your connection with yourself, others and nature. The first Sangha by Octave, at Yangcheng Lake, Suzhou.

Pilgrimage Model

A journey into silence amidst nature, for deep listening, where life is simple, and less is more.

Leisure Model

A beach or mountain haven, a place that continues to support your journey, and deepen your connection with friends and family.

AITIA Institute

αιτία / ahee-tee'-a
A word that means cause or purpose.

We believe that, leaders that focus human connections, built businesses to last. We seek to promote a shift in mindset, from the individual, to the collective. We integrate Eastern wisdom and Western scientific process to advocate for sustainable business practices. We explore the missing factors in leadership and business through research, prototyping and learning, in relationships, family business, leadership development, philanthropy & sustainability.

We focus on transformations through 4 pillars :

Relational Center:

Evolving core relationships

Family Business Academy:

Advancing the study of family business by families for families

Quantum Leadership Center:

Developing 21st Century leaders and organisations

Philanthropy & Sustainability Center:

Investing in the future


- Frederick Chavalit Tsao
- Calvin Tsao

In the late 1980’s, Mr. Frederick Chavalit Tsao, as the 4th generation successor, took over the family business of IMC Group, where sustainability is the core value. Impacted by globalization, Mr. Tsao has been thinking and studying these issues from globalization and sustainability. In 1995, Mr. Tsao founded the East West Cultural Development Center for cultural research and development of a new worldview that can address these issues.

Since 2006, Mr. Tsao and his brother Calvin Tsao have been exploring how the research can be materialized in real life. An opportunity arose in Chengdu in 2007, when the Dujiangyan government had a piece of land on the river of the historical oldest irrigation project, which brought about prosperity and became available for a development project.

However, a major earthquake in Sichuan in 2008 then heavily destroyed the area as well as the project. Since then, they have been searching for a number of locations in order to build a new living community until they finally landed at the Yangcheng Lake.

"Relationship is all there is. We don’t see the world as it is,
we see the world as we are,
change yourself and the world will change around you. Life is evolution; evolution is life."
- Frederick Chavalit Tsao