Octave is a curated Wellbeing Platform that combines ancient Chinese wisdom with latest Western science to support you to find the true state of clarity and a harmonious way of living.

Along with many types of living spaces - including the Urban Wellness Center, lakeside villas, serviced apartments, a wellness hotel, medi-spa, medical clinic, fitness center, children’s center and an organic gourmet restaurant - we also created the “Living Room by Octave” along Shanghai’s culturally rich Jianguo West Road, and “Sangha Retreat by Octave” beside beautiful Yang Cheng Lake to offer holistic learning, practice, and wellness programs to help you discover harmony among body, mind, and spirit.

All our programs are delivered by a group of world-class wellness and medical experts, including physiotherapists, fitness trainers, yoga and Pilates instructors, nutritionists, psychotherapists, life coaches, TCM experts, ancient Indian Ayurveda healers, hormono healing experts, detox experts, integrated medicine experts etc.

You can take a break from hectic urban living and let Octave guide you to a true state of clarity in your relationship with yourself and others, and with the world around you. Discover harmony and freedom for today.

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Sangha Homes seek to create the space in support for the lifestyle and other activities of Octave expression.
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